Welcome to Dinsmore & Associates

Dinsmore & Associates (D&A) is a boutique, bespoke market entry consultancy company. We support international companies interested in global market opportunities, with a particular focus on Africa. Founded in 2004, the company’s main areas of expertise are facilitating international business linkage opportunities and business partnerships and researching global markets and business opportunities.


* Developing international trade partnerships and partnership programs;

* Supporting foreign trade offices in the delivery of services to their clients in South Africa, including  organisation and facilitation of Trade missions;

* Identifying project and partnership opportunities; 

* Assisting international clients with first-level market entry, including market scoping and market-sizing, market due diligence, partner selection, visit preparation and on-the-ground introductions and support;

* Sales Support and wide-ranging research capabilities.

Recent Work

Existing clients include:


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Enterprise Ireland

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Invest Northern Ireland

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