Welcome to Dinsmore & Associates

Dinsmore & Associates (D&A) is a boutique, bespoke market entry consultancy company. We support international companies who are  interested in the African market, with a particular focus on South Africa. Founded in 2004, the company’s main areas of expertise are facilitating international business linkage opportunities and business partnerships, as well as researching international markets and business opportunities.

*    Developing international trade partnerships and partnership programs;
*    Supporting foreign trade offices in the delivery of services to their clients in South Africa, including  organisation and facilitation of Trade missions;
*    Identifying project and partnership opportunities; 
*    Assisting international clients with first-level market entry, including market scoping and intelligence;
*    Sales Support and wide-ranging research capabilities.

Recent Work

Existing clients include:


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Innovation Norway

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Enterprise Ireland

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Invest Northern Ireland

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